Liposuction is ideally utilised to remove areas of unwanted fat that are not in keeping with the rest of the body shape. It is not a procedure that aids in weight reduction. In women, these may be located around the hips and outer thighs. In men, fat is often deposited in the lower abdomen.

Professor Deva utilises a wet (tumescent) technique in conjunction with a power assisted liposuction (PAL) device inserted through small (1-2cm) incisions. You will need to wear customised compression garments for a period of 6 weeks following the procedure. These help to limit initial swelling but also help to tighten loose skin following fat removal.

Surgery is performed as day surgery and you may return to sedentary work around 1-2 weeks following the procedure. As with all surgery, you will begin performing scar and tissue massage at the 2 week mark. Light exercise is encouraged to also help with skin tightening.

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