Breast Augmentation

The use of implants to augment breast volume and improve their position and shape is one of the commonest cosmetic surgical procedures performed in Professor Deva’s practice. The reasons for seeking out this procedure include failure of breast development, significant difference in size between breasts, loss of volume and projection following pregnancy and breast feeding and inherited abnormalities in breast shape (constricted or tubular breasts).

There are two options for placing the implant : either below or above the pectoral muscle and the reasons for choosing which approach to use will depend on a thorough assessment of your breast size, shape and overall body shape. Professor Deva also uses either an anatomic (tear-drop) or round implant shape depending on which will give you the most natural looking breasts. As will all cosmetic procedures, it is important to achieve a natural proportion of breast size, shape and position that is in harmony with the rest of your body.

Safety considerations
The breast implants of today have been shown to be safe and durable. Research has shown that there is no effect of breast augmentation on pregnancy, breast feeding and the incidence of breast cancer. But as with all implants it is important that you are aware of any changes to either the implant or your breasts.
Professor Deva also offers a lifetime annual check up as part of the service following the procedure.
Breast implants and biofilm
Professor Deva is considered a world authority on the prevention of breast implant infection. There are a number of unique strategies that he has developed which have now been applied worldwide.
For more information on his work, here are links to his scientific publications in this area.

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