About my practice

plastic surgeon anand devaI consider myself fortunate in that I love my work. My practice in cosmetic and plastic surgery is very wide ranging . On any one day, I could be rebalancing tendons to power a paralysed wrist, reconstructing a fractured face, restoring the contour of an ageing neck and face or seeking to delicately reshape a nose.

The practice of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery is one that is driven by the obsession to execute perfect surgical technique geared toward producing the highest quality results. The application of this skill to almost every part of the body to restore what is lost and to improve on what is there is what drives us as plastic surgeons.

I fell into this profession by accident when I was a junior doctor. I was asked one day to assist in the Plastic Surgery Theatre because the registrar (training plastic surgeon) was away. After spending a day watching the most amazing and creatively challenging procedures, my mind was set on this career path. The road is not easy – it is one of the most challenging surgical specialties with gruelling competition to gain access to the training program and long hours of operating and being on-call for emergency surgery. You can add to this the challenges of setting up private practice, working in the public hospital sector, contributing to teaching and scientific research while establishing a respected reputation both in the community and amongst your peers.

10 years into my practice, I can reflect on the path I have chosen and am thankful for both the opportunities and responsibilities that have been given to me. I have and will be always driven to excel at whatever tasks that are placed before me and achieve the best for my patients.

I look forward to welcoming you into my practice.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle

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