Professor Deva has two practice locations in Sydney.

Miranda : Integrated Specialist Healthcare  

Suite 2/Level 1 531-533 Kingsway Miranda NSW 2228

Macquarie University Clinic : Macquarie Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Suite 301, 2 Technology Plc Macquarie Park NSW 2109

All bookings are made through our central number 02 9525 2340.

All surgical consultations, dressing changes/suture removal and follow up appointments are carried out at these locations.

Office procedures performed under local anaesthetic are also offered at these locations.
Procedures performed under sedation (twilight) or general anaesthetic are performed at the following private hospitals.

  1. Kareena Private Hospital
  2. Macquarie University Hospital
  3. Macquarie Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
  4. Kingsway Day Surgery


Professor Deva is supported by a team of dedicated staff who share his vision and ethos. They are available from 0900-1700 Monday to Friday to coordinate bookings, answer your questions and provide estimates of fees for both consultations and procedures.


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