Breast Reconstruction

Professor Deva offers the full spectrum of options for breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer.

He is an accomplished microsurgeon and has a preference for utilising your own (autologous) tissue for reconstructing either one or both breasts, if available. The commonest option for this is the use of a TRAM (Transverse rectus abdominis flap), which transfers the fat and skin of the lower abdomen to the chest to create a new breast mound. The procedure takes around 6 hours for a unilateral reconstruction and will require you to be in hospital for between 7-10 days. For a one sided reconstruction, there will usually be a second procedure to lift and/or reduce the opposite side at about 3 months following the first operation. This procedure is usually performed either as day surgery or an overnight stay. The final stage in completing the reconstruction is to perform a nipple reconstruction which is scheduled a further 3 months later. The entire reconstructive process takes around 6- 9 months.

In women that do not have adequate volume for an autologous reconstruction, the use of tissue expanders and implants or a combination of autologous tissue and implant can be recommended as an alternative.

Professor Deva works closely with a number of breast cancer surgeons to offer immediate reconstruction following mastectomy. Suitability for this procedure will depend on the nature of the breast cancer and the likely need for subsequent cancer treatment. The decision to offer this procedure is often made in conjunction with both the reconstructive and cancer therapy team.

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