Breast Lift & Mastopexy

This procedure is designed to improve shape and position of a breast following loss of volume and height. The drop in breast position is termed ptosis (derived from Greek : a fall or falling). Mild ptosis can sometimes be corrected with a breast augmentation procedure but with moderate to high grade ptosis, there is an excess of skin that will need to be tightened by placement of scars onto the breast. The commonest reason women seek this procedure is following breast feeding and pregnancy.

Professor Deva also performs mastopexy to correct for significant breast assymetry and to match the size and shape of a reconstructed breast (following cancer reconstruction).

He utilises a minimal scar technique which aims to hide most of the scars in and around the areola (coloured skin around the nipple) and under the breast. The scars are visible and red for some time after the procedure and you will be instructed in the best scar minimisation techniques to ensure that they fade quickly.

In some cases, where there is a significant loss of volume in addition to excess skin, he may recommend a combined mastopexy with breast augmentation. This procedure can be performed either as a one stage or more often, a two stage procedure.

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